The luxOn retro range of bespoke ‘retro fit’ gear trays have been designed to take advantage of the latest LED lighting technology and associated energy savings, whilst mainaining the aesthetics of traditional luminaires. In many cases an intrinsic value remains in these lanterns that asset managers are keen to realise.

Rigorous testing of the luxOn retro design confirms lower operating temperatures and less weight so that the integrity of the donor lantern is not compromised. All the benefits of LED technology and performance can be incorporated into an existing lantern providing the best of both worlds.

Features & Benefits

• Maintenance of intrinsic lantern value
• No need to recertify columns
• Modules replace lamp, reflector and driver assemblies
• Integrated thermal management system
• Best in class performance/energy use.
• UMSUG codes
• Minimal installation that can be accomplished in situ
• Full LM79-08, LM80, TM-21 data available
• Widest product range

2016 Data Sheet

for up to date photometry please contact low carbon lighting



• Road Lighting
• Urban pedestrian roads
• Urban cycle routes
• Recreational areas

Standard Power Options

• 11W
• 16W
• 21W
• 26W
• 31W
• 38W
• 47W
• 53W
• 79W
• 90W*
• 120W*
• 157W*
• 170W*


Control Options

• CMS compatible
• 0-10V dimming
• Part night dimming

*only available on some models