The luxOn heritage is a modern, energy saving solution for applications where a more traditional style lantern is desired. The luxOn heritage utilises the latest lens and LED technology to proved BS compliant lighting for roadway, car park and amenity lighting. Footpaths and ornamental applications are also well served by this versatile lantern.

All luxOn heritage products can be specified with the most modern programmable drivers, offering features such as Constant Light Output (CLO) and Part Night Dimming.

Traditional appearance does not compromise lighting performance, energy savings and maintenance free operation.



Features & Benefits

• Traditional appearance
• Latest LED technology including dimming
• Integrated thermal management system
• Best in class performance/energy use
• UMSUG codes
• 3000K, 4000K and 5300K
• IP65 ingress protection


Data Sheet




• Road Lighting
• Urban pedestrian roads
• Urban cycle routes
• Recreational areas
• Ornamental
• Car parks
• Outdoor areas

Standard Power Options

• 11W
• 16W
• 21W
• 26W
• 31W
• 38W
• 47W
• 53W
• 65W
• 79W
• 90W
• 120W

Control Options

• CMS compatible
• 0-10V dimming
• Part night dimming