The luxOn industry+ is a range of LED high and low bay luminaire designed for use in all industrial environments. The luxOn industry+ offers dramatic energy savings and maintenance free operation over an extended operating life.

Made in Britain and with a true equivalent for a 400W traditional high bay in the range, the luxOn industry+ is a sleek and easy to install luminaire. With its very high colour rendering, leading optical performance and operational longevity, retail and industrial applications are equally well suited to this exceptional luminaire.

Features & Benefits

• Up to 70% of energy saving compred to traditional technologies
• Variety of optical distributions available
• Maintenance free
• True 400W equivalent
• Sleek design
• Comprehensive control options
• Ready to install from box - minimal wiring required
• Installations up to 30m and sensor controlled up to 20m


2016 Data Sheet

for up to date photometry please contact low carbon lighting



• Factories
• Warehouses
• Logistics & distribution
• Retail
• Exhibition spaces
• Bespoke applications

Standard Power Options

• 50W
• 75W
• 100W
• 150W
• 190W
• 220W
• 300W
• 400W

Control Options

• 0-10V
• Presence detection on/off
• Daylight harvesting
• Emergency module
• Dust cover