The luxOn proofline range of IP65 waterproof LED luminaires offers all the advantages of LED lighting; reductions in energy and maintenance costs as well as improving the quality of light whilst offering a longer operating life time against traditional lighting options.

This flexible range of luminaires is equally at home in food preparation areas and cold store applications as it is in multi storey car parks, warehouses and store rooms. Its sleek compact design, emergency and control options make it a versatile, non-corrosive LED batten


Features & Benefits

• Up to 50% of energy saving compared to traditional technologies
• Variety of power and lumen outputs available
• Up to 3 hour emergency options available
• >80 CRI
• 4000K colour temperature
• 50,000 hour warranty
• Sleek design
• Presence detection control available

Data Sheet


• Freezers
• Warehouses
• Store rooms
• Plant rooms
• Car parks
• Changing rooms
• Showers
• Bespoke applications

Standard Power Options

• 23W
• 29W
• 43W
• 53W
• 71W
• Emergency option available

Control Options

• Presence detection on/off
• Daylight harvesting