High Performance

Quantum Pro is a specialist luminaire providing solutions for scenarios where optical performance, glare and thermal management are required.

Optimised Column Spacing, Power and Glare

Quantum Pro features three patent protected features relating to thermal management which means that this compact, light weight product can provide solutions up to 190W, and over 24000lm output. Optional circuit board positions mean that the luminaire cut off can be varied allowing customers to choose between high glare classification and optimised column spacing. Manufactured from LM6 marine grade aluminium, and 316 grade stainless steel this product offers the world class quality, and performance for M class, and high mast applications.

Future Proofed

Compatible with all Smart City systems, and featuring downward facing sensor locations for future applications the product is ready for “ Internet of Things “ applications. At LED chip level the product features CREE XTE HE LEDs offering over 140 luminaire lm/W, and L90B10 beyond 100000 hours. The new Zhaga Sensor Ready socket is offered as an option which protects photocells and sensors from surge and allows advanced sensing options to be incorporated.


Featuring world class components in the form of Philips Xitanium drivers, and CREE XTE HE LEDs means that lifetime and failure rates are well known and allows Low Carbon Lighting to offer ten year extendable warranties on the Quantum Pro.

Data Sheet



• Road lighting
• Pedestrian routes
• Cycle routes
• Recreational areas
• Outdoor area lighting
• Car parks

Standard Power Options

• 80W
• 100W
• 120W
• 140W
• 160W
• 180W
• 190W

Optional Extras

• Mini photocell
• Mini NEMA socket
• 10kV surge protection
• Pre wired for column

Features & Benefits

• Programmable driver
• Part night dimming
• Constant light output
• Windage 0.06m2
• CRI >70